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What To Do After An Elevator Fails
- Jun 01, 2018 -

How can I protect myself in the event of an elevator failure? Which actions cannot be done? Experts give you support. At the same time, experts also pointed out that for elevator failure problems, elevator failure rate is relatively low, passengers do not have to panic.

According to an elevator maintenance professional, there are two kinds of elevator failures. One is that the elevator suddenly stops operating, and the other is that the elevator loses control and falls. If the elevator stops suddenly, don't panic first. Try to press the door open button and call the elevator maintenance unit via the intercom or cell phone to call for help. You can also send trapped information to the outside world by calling for help, etc. Do not force your door or attempt to climb out of the car ceiling. "In the event of an elevator failure, the elevator car is the safest place."

If the elevator loses control and a sudden fall occurs, press down on each level of the key. Choose a corner that does not rely on the door, bend your knees, make a half-length posture, and try to maintain balance. When you have children, hold your child in your arms.


Expert reminds

Lower failure rate. Deputy Director of the Special Equipment Division of Shijiazhuang City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Guo Xing, said that at present there are more than 40,000 lifts installed in Hebei Province, and only 10,000 in the provincial capital. Deputy Commissioner Guo said that there is absolutely no need for people to panic about the failure of the elevator. Elevators, like other household appliances and public facilities, have the potential to fail regardless of the brand and maintenance. The failure rate of elevators is relatively low, and the public should treat them with a rational attitude.

After the failure of the elevator, do not use the non-professional tools to break the elevator. The property management personnel and the unit responsible for elevator maintenance should be notified as soon as possible. Maintenance personnel will use professional and technical means to implement the rescue and ensure the safety of personnel.

No elevator inspection logo Please report. It is understood that the country currently has no mandatory regulations on the use of elevators. Generally, the service life of elevators is 15 to 20 years. However, elevators that are not more than 20 years old must be renewed. According to Guo Guo, deputy director of the Special Equipment Division of the Shishi City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, at present, the provincial capital has several lifts in the 1980s and is still in use. In annual inspections, he will focus on these "elderly" elevators.

Mr. Li, who has been engaged in the installation and maintenance of elevators for many years, said that according to the application status of elevators, the quality supervision department will regularly provide elevators with annual inspections. If inspections fail, they will be required to rectify the defects and re-use them after passing the inspection.

When taking the elevator, the public can pay attention to whether there is an annual inspection mark issued by the quality supervision department in the elevator. If there is no annual inspection mark, please report it to the quality supervision department.

Tips: Please take the elevator safely .When taking the elevator, do not force the elevator doors to close by hand or physically. When a fire or earthquake occurs in a building, elevators must not be used, but can only be evacuated in order from a walking ladder or fire exit. Do not jump in the elevator. Do not use rough actions on the elevator for any reason, such as using the four walls of the pedal car or hitting with a tool. Can not smoke in the elevator, the elevator has a certain recognition of smoke, if you smoke in the elevator, it is likely to make the elevator mistakenly believe that the fire, and take emergency measures, resulting in the elevator automatically locked, the staff trapped.

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