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Why Should An Elevator Driver Be Installed In A Hospital Elevator?
- Sep 12, 2018 -

As a special equipment, elevators need professional technicians to operate after training, so as to ensure the efficiency and safety of the use of elevators. Elevator drivers, like experienced taxi drivers or river ferrymen, can safely deliver passengers to their destination in a relatively short time.

Improve operation efficiency

The function of elevator driver service is to satisfy the elevator's accuracy and efficiency to reach the target floor. After the driver service function starts, the elevator driver can directly decide to go to the specific floor and ignore the call of other floor users. For example, when a patient on the 10th floor is in urgent need of a chest film taken on the ground floor, the medical staff can call the elevator driver and tell him that the elevator driver can manually control the elevator to the 10th floor to pick up the patient after the passengers are sent to the floor.

Maintain operation order

Hospital throughput is very large, elevator carrying capacity is self-evident, elevator drivers can play a manual dispatch of elevator throughput allocation, reasonable arrangement of passenger order to prevent congestion (many hanging urine bags and plaster can not be squeezed) and other roles, and they can also help patients and medical staff work (stretchers, wheelchairs).

Prevention and control of elevator infection

Studies have shown that hospital elevator buttons are more likely to colonize specific bacteria than toilet surfaces, and hospital elevators are dirtier than we think. The elevator driver can effectively reduce the contact between medical staff, patients and elevator buttons, and reduce bacterial contamination. The elevator driver is also responsible for cleaning, disinfection and other work inside the elevator.

Caring for special patients

Elevator drivers can provide services for the disabled and other special patients to take the elevator, and provide part of the inquiry line consulting services.

But I also heard that some private beauty hospitals now employ beautiful models as elevator drivers to attract customers. You've also seen some fantastic things about hospital elevator drivers, or the topic of "why should elevator drivers be equipped in hospital elevators". What other opinions do you have?

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