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Wire Rope Lubrication In Elevator Maintenance
- May 09, 2018 -

During the use of the elevator, the wire rope should be cleaned and lubricated in a timely manner. Lack of maintenance is one of the main reasons for the short life of steel ropes.

In the regular inspection of elevators, inspectors often find that the surface of the traction wire rope is covered with a layer of oil, which is formed by the lubricating oil and dust escaping from the wire rope. If not cleaned, it will not only affect the service life of the wire rope, but also The friction coefficient of the traction rope in the traction sheave groove will be changed to reduce the traction capacity. In the case of a light load or heavy load of the car, it may cause the traction rope slip to cause the car to top or bottom.

Under normal circumstances, most of the new steel wire ropes have been lubricated during production, but during use, the loss of grease will be reduced. In view of the fact that lubrication can not only protect the steel wire rope during transportation and storage, but also reduce the wear between the steel wire ropes, between the strands and between the wire rope and the traction sheave during the use of the steel wire rope, and it can also be used to extend the steel wire rope. Life is also very helpful. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct lubrication inspection in order to minimize the damage of corrosion and wear on the steel wire rope. First of all, we must choose the appropriate wire rope grease, elevator wire rope grease should use a certain friction coefficient of special friction grease, high-performance wire rope grease is to maintain the life of steel wire rope to extend the basic guarantee. When the steel wire rope is working, the interior exhibits three-dimensional fretting friction, which requires that the wire rope grease must have very strong permeation performance, that is, the lubricating oil molecule anti-wear agent component in the lubricating grease can permeate each steel wire. In addition, the wire rope grease must also have a strong adhesion properties. To ensure its uniform adhesion to each wire rope. Usually there are several ways to lubricate the wire rope. One is to dismantle the wire rope, put it into the oil at a temperature of 80-100 degrees for about 2 to 4 hours, and the other is to brush the lubricant directly on the wire rope with a brush. The key is to brush the method and spacing should be mastered, generally about 12mm in diameter wire rope, about every 40 meters about 1 kg brush grease, brushing interval of about two weeks; the other is to use Special wire rope lubrication equipment lubricates the wire rope. This method is the most convenient, but the cost of the equipment is high. The specific lubricant and lubrication method to be used should be as specified by the wire rope manufacturer. The maintenance and maintenance units of the elevators really do not care much about the maintenance of wire rope lubrication. Many units have been accustomed to replacing new steel wire ropes instead of focusing on lubrication management.

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