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Wooden Escalators Get New Life As Spectacular Sculpture
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Wooden Escalators.png

When the New South Wales Department of Transportation (TfNSW) prepared to replace the four 80-year-old wooden escalators at Sydney's Wynyard train station, the community was concerned about what these vertical transportation histories would look like.Wooden Escalators.png

After all, there are only seven examples of known wooden escalators in the world. However, TfNSW has a preservation plan and recently revealed to the world that a spectacular sculpture is hung on the lower ceiling of the station. “Global Railway News” stated that artist Chris Fox used 244-step pedals and four comb-shaped panels to create “Interloop,” a curved, intertwined work that pays tribute to the history of traffic in Australia. Marf Prendergast, TfNSW Transport Coordinator, was quoted as saying: "

Although the new modern escalators at Wynyard Station are safer, more reliable and lower maintenance costs, it is important to recognize the legacy of the Railway House and York Street Lobby and this is The world's last similar iconic wooden escalator. "


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